J&K Sheetmetal

has been providing commercial kitchens and bars of Melbourne with all their commercial kitchen fitout needs since 1996 and we pride ourselves with the ability to create sophisticated designs.

J&K Sheetmetal

is able to fabricate, commercial kitchen canopies, kitchen exhaust, kitchen range hoods and stainless steel benches just to name a few.

J&K Sheetmetal

is able to provide our customers with unique designs by the use of the CADD sytem. The CADD Sytem (Computer Aided Drafting Design) gives customer satisfaction by showing the customer a computer drawing of the layout and design of their kitchen prior to actual fabrication.


Commercial Kitchens Melbourne


Providing custom stainless steel kitchens for restaurants, bars and commercial kitchens throughout Melbourne, J&K Sheet Metal is a top-quality metal fabrication service specialising in commercial kitchen fit outs, canopies, sinks and benches. Call J&K Sheet Metal on 0438 811 147 to speak to one of our specialist fabrication experts and get a digitally crafted design, a quote or an appointment.


When it comes to a service that provides leading fittings for commercial kitchens, Melbourne restaurants and bars need someone that listens to them, and offers designs and manufactured components that are precisely tailored for total or small-scale kitchen overhauls.


Commercial Kitchen Fit Outs


When it comes to designing our custom commercial kitchen fit outs, J&K Sheet Metal uses the CADD system (Computer Aided Drafting Design) to give customers an in-depth look at their potential new kitchen before fabrication and manufacturing even begins. This means you’re getting a kitchen renovation or new kitchen that’s suited to your business’ needs – at this stage we can discuss and incorporate any changes or adjustments you want to make.


Only once we’ve gotten your complete approval at these key preliminary stages will we move ahead with fabricating your custom stainless steel kitchens. Based in Kilsyth, J&K Sheet Metal is a local fabrication and manufacturing service, using cutting-edge precision equipment to deliver millimetre precise fittings based on the designs you approved from our CADD system modelling.


We’re able to provide a broad range of kitchen fittings for truly functional commercial kitchen fit outs. One of the key areas we specialise in is kitchen ducting and exhaust hoods. Key to ensuring a safe and efficient working kitchen area, our custom-crafted commercial kitchen canopies give restaurants and bars a fitting that is designed and installed with an awareness of the surrounding space, your needs and your budget.


Custom Stainless Steel Kitchens


We also offer custom fabricated benches and sinks. Stainless steel is the leading material used in commercial kitchens – it’s durable, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. At J&K Sheet Metal, we construct all our kitchens using high-quality stainless steel, fabricated and constructed into sleek and seamlessly fitted kitchen fittings for your working convenience and kitchen functionality. The leading name in commercial kitchens, Melbourne restaurants and bars can bank on J&K.


On top of these key fittings, J&K Sheet Metal also offers a range of other work. Our full custom stainless steel kitchen services include;


So if you’re interested in taking advantage of J & K Sheet Metal’s unparalleled custom-manufacturing and fabrication services, call now on 0438 811 147. Walking you through your kitchen’s true potential, using our quality CADD system, we provide the commercial kitchens Melbourne businesses can bank on for a truly tailored fit out.